nadia mukami and arrow bwoy
Musicians nadia mukami and arrow bwoy

Kenyan recording and performing artist Arrow Bwoy is a disgruntled man following fellow artist and business man KRG The Don hanging out with his fiance Nadia Mukami in a hotel room in a whole other county far from him.

Nadia and KRG were hanging out in the room as the new mom was waiting to get to her performance at her; 'Nadia Mukami Is Back Concert.'

KRG shared a video of him and Nadia dripping hard as they did a little catwalk in the spacious room. 

He captioned the video with emojis before tagging Nadia adding " we are outside." 

Well Arrow Bwoy suffering from a major case of FOMO ( Fear of missing out) was at Krg's Instagram page wanting to know what the two were up to.

"Unafanya nini na bibi yangu kwa hoteli ( what are you doing with my wife in a hotel)?' Arrow Bwoy demanded .

Honestly, that was a bad move on his end because to me he comes off as possessive, insecure and it also shows that he does not have faith in his fiance. 

He probably thought he was being cute but naaah, like I said.... bad, bad move. 

KRG responded by reassuring Arrow Bwoy that there was nothing fishy going on.

'Tulia mzee huyu ni sister yangu. ( Chill dude, this is my sister) We just catching up. Usianze tena kunitumia goons ( do not start sending me goons again.)" He wrote.

Krg's comment caught people's attention as he was indicating that he had had an altercation with Arrow Bwoy in the past.

Arrow Bwoy and Nadia have been dating for close to 2 or 3 years now and they recently just welcomed their firstborn child (a son) together.

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