who has revealed how he makes his millions
KRG the Don who has revealed how he makes his millions
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Stephen Karuga, a flamboyant musician from Kenya better known by his stage name KRG the Don, is one of Kenya's most well-known artists and it's all because of his commercial savvy.

In an interview with Mpasho’s Dennis Milimo, the Wano hit maker listed several businesses that have been financing his flashy lifestyle.

The star also denied allegations that he participates in money-laundering schemes and other shady business dealings.

“I normally don’t sell my music locally, because people don’t do streams. The biggest consumers of my music are people in the US, Europe then Kenya. Out there is where the money is.

I am in so many businesses. I have business in almost every sector in this country. I’m in Real Estate ( own properties), transport business, I sell cars (several yards), and finally, I'm in the music business. I'm also a brand ambassador of several brands.  And on top of that, I'm also a mini-partner in other businesses," KRG the Don explained.

KRG the Don kiss studio
KRG the Don kiss studio

Adding that; "All this business is what makes me money. I normally don’t talk about them because it's not a must and that’s why people speculate a lot about me. If I was a criminal, I could not be here doing this interview, I could be behind bars,".

The musician went on to narrate that he roughly spends about Sh100, 000 and almost Sh3, 500, 000 in a month.

“I use like Sh3 million to 4 million in just one month, and this is just personal expenditure, not business related. So in a day, I can use like 100K to 150K. This entails fueling my cars and having lunch with my kids and friends.

“The cost of living has gone high and everything in Nairobi is expensive…and the good thing is I work very hard and I didn’t like borrowing so I just have to work for my money and maintain my lifestyle,". 

During the interview, KRG was open enough to share with us his monthly expenditure and the Mpesa statements showed he has spent at least 1.7 million in just 15 days.

Do you consider yourself a billionaire? The interviewer posed.

KRG replied; “Yes, I am in the billionaires club, when you look at my lifestyle and the people I hang out with its very evident,”

When was the last time that you boarded a matatu?

He replied; 'About 12 years ago, I was from the city to Donholm where I used to stay,”.

The musician went on to disclose that he made his first million at 17, but before that, he was a party animal who used to jump from one club to the other.

“Before that, I used to drink a lot, without thinking about tomorrow. I can buy you alcohol worth Sh50, 000 and call you the next morning to borrow you Sh500.

“My turn around came when I got my first child…I started being responsible from there.  I also started choosing my friends wisely from there,” the Fast Cash President expounded.

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