KRG the Don shares video of a "struggling" Ringtone, mocks him

Krg was trolling Ringtone after he drove past him walking on the streets

trolls Ringtone and Eric Omondi
KRG the Don trolls Ringtone and Eric Omondi
Image: Instagram

Kenyan dance hall artist KRG the Don has posted a video trolling gospel artist Ringtone Apoko.

Taking to his Instagram page KRG posted a video of Ringtone walking as he highlighted the artists plight.

KRG captioned the video, "Pole sana kwa mhangaiko na jua kali. Guys let us unite and buy him a small car." 

"Msanii wenu anatembee na miguu. Upcoming artist anahangaika (Your artist is out here walking on foot guys. This upcoming artist is struggling..." started off KRG as he recorded Ringtone walking towards his car.

He proceeded to ask Ringtone in a mocking tone if he required charity.

"Should I buy lunch for you bro?," the father of three asked.

Ringtone quickly brushed past the question and went on to talk about how he was taking a stroll because that is what people who live in affluent areas like Runda do.

"Sasa mimi niko katika ile kitu inaitwa diet..." started off the gospel artist.

He went on to brag about how he's one of the richest people in Runda.

"Mimi unajua ndio tajiri hii Runda na unajua hapa...." but before Ringtone could finish his statement Krg was back to mocking him.

"You're out here walking si you at least buy an umbrella. You are out here struggling like Eric Omondi...." KRG told him as he burst out laughing.

Ringtone tried saving face by saying he was excising but Krg was not having it.

"You're struggling... you can't be excited, " Krg insisted.

Ringtone unable to say anything else or defend himself further turned to one of KRG's sons who was seated in the back passenger seat of the vehicle and threatened to pinch his ears if KRG continued taunting him.

The Don laughed it off and assured him he'd stop teasing him, as he proceeded to drive off.

Finishing off the video as he drove off Krg said, "You all have seen Ringtone is out here struggling out here in Nairobi. Walking around like cattle.

Meaning all those cars he was bragging about the one who came and picked them

So he should have at least bought a bicycle like a cyclist." 

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