Stevo Simple Boy
Image: Instagram

The singer Stephen Otieno Adera, well known by his stage name Stevo Simple Boy, had a contract with Men in Business Management Company (MIB), which was terminated.

A 35-day transition phase with the Kibera-based rapper has officially begun, according to MIB, who verified this in an interview with author Samuel Maina.

According to MIB, the decision to end the contract was made during a two-day meeting of the members.

“Following the unrightful and unlawful allegations, and a lot of lies that have been put through that have destroyed the company’s reputation, that is why the whole team has sat down and come up with the decision that we should just get out of the contract,” MIB representative said.

He added, ”We are going to follow the lawful processes the right way that could have been followed from the beginning.


The process we will take is a lawful one and a fair one for the transition to take place within the 35 days.”

As a result of serious accusations made against the business by Stevo Simple Boy's wife, Grace Atieno, the management said that team members' discussions about making decisions started over the weekend.

“Everybody came to a final conclusion. It’s not because of the allegations, and we don’t want to protect ourselves in any way. We just want to set the artist free for a good future also. The allegations are quite worrying as much as the company has put out much,” MIB said.


A day after the accusations were made on a well-liked YouTube vlog, management disclosed that they held a meeting with Stevo.They said that the artist acknowledged the company's support for him throughout his career and asserted that he felt pressured to reject it.

“We gave him some advice. We told him that any decision that will come from our side he should take it positively and any decision that will come from his side we will also take it positively.”

Given the seriousness of the allegations, MIB stated that there is very little likelihood of reconciliation with the alleged rapist from Kibera.On Monday, June 26, just two days after his wife alleged that the musician is having financial difficulties and that the management has been mistreating him, Stevo's contract with MIB was formally canceled.