Eric Omondi vows to refund money Moses Kuria used to fund his US trip 7 years ago

Eric maintained he no longer wished to be under the CS's debt to avoid future embarrassments

Comedian Eric Omondi promises to refund Moses Kuria all the money he spent on sponsoring him to the US

Trade and Industry CS Moses Kuria and award-winning comedian Eric Omondi's little "fight" has taken a new turn.

It seems flying to the UK was not a big enough flex.

Eric Omondi has promised to refund the politician every single cent that he used in flying him to New York 7 years ago.

In a video shared on TikTok, Eric expressed his desire to settle scores with the Trade CS. 

He expressed his gratitude to the CS for all he did for him before adding that he now wants to repay that favour to avoid future embarrassment.

Eric maintained that this was all so that he could continue maintaining a positive rapport with the government official but also it was in a bid to clean his image before his child was born.

"Kwa heshima, kama mtu alikusaidia unakubali. Hapo alinisaidia... Lakini sahii Mungu amenibariki na si ety naongea vibaya.

Nataka nimrudishie hela kwa roho safi ndio asiniabishe watoto wangu wakiwa wazee. Ndio in future akisema nilikusupport, mi pia nasema nilikurefund.

Yaani na jidefend, you get it?

(When someone has helped you it is good to appreciate them for their help. He helped me. But now, God has blessed me and this isn't me being proud.

I want to refund him his money in good faith to avoid a situation of him embarrassing me in the future when my children will be there," the digital content creator said vowing to refund Kuria for all the costs incurred in securing Eric's trip..

2 weeks ago, the Trade CS Moses Kuria was seen live on national television expressing his regret in sponsoring the funny man's first trip to the US.

While on 'The Big Conversation' on Citizen TV, Moses Kuria criticized Eric Omondi after the comedian opposed the controversial Finance Bill.

Kuria noted that he regretted sponsoring the entertainer's trip to the US seven years ago, suggesting that the money should've been spent on going out and having fun instead.

"We must be people who compare ourselves to the rest of the world. I've heard Eric say he is a youth. 

Seven years ago I took my own money and took him to America so he could see and learn what the world is like... But hearing him talking the way he right now makes me wish I would have taken that money and spent it on partying," Kuria stated amid laughter.

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