Big Flex! Reason why Eric Omondi has flown to the UK

The comedian flew with British Airways yesterday evening

Kuria voiced he regrets sponsoring Eric's trip to the US
Comedian Eric Omondi responds to CS Kuria's remarks, Kuria voiced he regrets sponsoring Eric's trip to the US
Image: Instagram

Award winning comedian/actor and digital content creator Eric Omondi has responded to Trade CS Moses Kuria after the politician remarked he regrets sponsoring Eric's trip to the US 7 years ago.

Talking to YouTube content creator Vincent Mboya who caught up with Eric at the airport Eric Omondi made it clear he wasn't the same boy who needed handouts years ago as he has money of his own right now.

Eric said he was taking a trip to the UK just to show the Trade CS that he can.


"Nimeenda United Kingdom, nimeeda UK just kuonyesha Moses Kuria kuwa naweza enda. Just to show him I can go, Mungu amenibariki (God has favoured me, I'm blessed."

You know vile alinifanyia... I've just gone there for leisure. Naenda nifike nifanye shopping kidogo alafu nirudi," Eric told the young YouTube content creator.

Shocked Vincent Mboya asked if the comedian was really serious and he had no other business in the United Kingdom, to which Eric Omondi reaffirmed that his trip was sorely a flex trip and nothing more.

"Naenda just to show him I can go..." Eric maintained as he showed off his British Airways ticket in case there were any doubting Thomas's.

On Wednesday evening while on 'The Big Conversation'  on Citizen TV, Trade CS Moses Kuria criticized Eric Omondi after the comedian opposed the controversial Finance Bill.

Kuria noted that he regretted sponsoring the entertainer's trip to the US seven years ago, suggesting that the money should've been spent on fun instead.


"We must be people who compare ourselves to the rest of the world. I've heard Eric say he is a youth.

Seven years ago I took my own money and took him to America so he could see and learn what the world is like. But hearing him talking the way he is right now makes me wish I would have taken that money and spent it on partying," Kuria stated amid laughter.

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