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Lang'ata Member of Parliament (MP) Phelix Odiwuor Khodhe aka Jalang'o has sparked controversy after announcing a new directive that will affect all events held in his constituency.

In a statement, the first-time MP said that all events held in Lang'ata will have to source 50% of their manpower from his constituency.

According to Jalas, any event organizer who fails to adhere to this new directive will be forced to look for an alternative venue out of Lang'ata.

The venues affected by the MP's announcement include Carnivore Grounds, Uhuru Gardens, and Nyayo Stadium.

"*New Guideline, If you are Hosting an event in Langata venues and you dont give our young people a chance to work at your event, that event will not happen! Carnivore, Uhuru Gardens, Nyayo Stadium, and any other venue in Langata! 50% of jobs must be from Langata Youths!

Commenting on the Mpasho page Jalas added; "We are not asking for alot..Bouncers, ticketing, Cleanups, casual waiters, Stewarts,".

However, the new guidelines have elicited mixed reactions from Netizens with a section arguing that he overstepping as an MP.

Others questioned the motive of the new directive and whether consultations were done with the relevant authorities before being announced to the public.

Another section pointed out that in most cases events require qualified personnel’s and therefore demanding 50% of the jobs associated with such might be hard.

Events Guru Chris Kirwa of Cate and Chris Limited challenged the MP to implement the same directive in businesses operating in Lang'ata before targeting events.

“Hahaha. Can we apply the same to all businesses in Langata 😀. Once that happens

We as the Events Industry might consider. For now, Chaos is loading. By The way - Parliament is in which Constituency,’ Chris Kirwa said.

A section of Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) opted to lecture the MP for purportedly making 'careless'  declarations.

“Surely Jalas you can do better communication. This sounds ill intend as a call to chaos during the next immediate event. What is 50% of work? Most planners need technicians for sound and lighting, the tents they have need some specialized skill to erect them, etc,” A Twitter user said.

Another one added; “Acha ufala bana, utaambia mtu aje vile anafanya biz yake? Come up with better methods of creating employment for your so-called Langata youths, otherwise hii ni top tier bulshiit,”.

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