Brian Chira
Image: courtesy

TikToker Brian Chira has said that his dream is to become a big socialite in the country and that's why he acts in comedy videos on TikTok. (Let's not forget that Vera Sidika currently holds that crown)

The popular content creator also revealed the reason he often does his TikTok skits in English.

In a conversation with Oga Obinna, the third-year student at Kabarak College in Nakuru said that a while ago he started making the videos in Kikuyu language but they never got a good reception.

But when he tried to act in the English language, the reception was great until some of his fans started encouraging him to continue doing the skits in English because they advised him that he is very fluent in the language.

"I became famous after appearing on TV as a drunken witness to an accident and later when I was trending I started doing that to show them that this is the guy you saw on TV.

From there, I have been making several videos, in English because people tell me I am fluent in English. I used to do Kikuyu comedy but it didn't have a big reception," Chira said.

Despite many saying that most of the videos he makes on TikTok often appear drunk, Chira strongly denied the concept saying that he is always like that and many consider him as a drunk but that is just his condition.

However, Chira said that it is true that he drinks alcohol but he said that he does not always as many have created an image in their heads as soon as they hear his name being mentioned.

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