Actor Baha and Georgina

Content creator Georgina Njenga has announced to the public that she is no longer dating actor Tyler 'Baha' Mbaya.

In a Q&A session via her Insta-stories, curious fans sought to find out if the two are still together as a couple.

Are you and Tyler Mbaya still together? A fan posed the question to Georgina.

To which she replied; “No! We broke up,”

Another fan asked the same question, wondering if she was still on good terms with Baha to which she alleged that right now she is already in a new relationship.

“Just being concerned, mko swan a Baha?

Georgina replied; “A lot of you guys are asking this question. This is the last time am gonna answer. We broke up and I’m in a new relationship with my new man,”.

This is not the first time the couple is fueling breakup reports. A few weeks ago Baha was exposed for allegedly being a con an incident that is said to have shaken his relationship with Georgina.

As that is not enough, a few months ago, Georgina told the world that she was no longer dating Bahat but later made a U-turn on her statement saying it was a prank.

So, despite Georgina’s confirmation that she is no longer in a relationship with Mbaya, a section of their fans still believe that it might be another publicity stunt.

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