Diamond Platnumz

WCB President Diamond Platnumz has narrated how he and his fellow musician Juma Jux escaped death over a faulty elevator.


Platnumz was going up a building when the unexpected incident happened.

He was in the company of his bodyguards and other team members from WCB Wasafi and Juma Jux's crew.

“Siku ya Leo mimi @juma_jux @fole_x na wenzetu kadhaa tumenusurika kifo kwenye Lifti.... Ndugu zangu wenye majengo marefu yenye kutumia Lifti tujitahidi kuzifanyia serivices hizi lifti zetu ili kuepusha madhara kwa Wananchi,” Diamond said in a post.


(Today, Juma Jux,  I, and a few of our team members have escaped death by a whisker while using an elevator.

People with tall buildings please do service your elevators to avoid such incidents in the future and harming the people).

Looking at the comment section, many who joined the conversation sympathized with Diamond and his team.

It is always advised that when you get stuck in an elevator there are things that you are supposed to adhere to;

One is always advised to remain calm as a clear head will also make sound decisions and avoid jeopardizing the situation.

If you are in an elevator with other people try to calm them down too.

Another thing you are advised to do is find a light source by either turning on your phone. You can use the light to locate the elevator buttons and also count the number of people in the elevator.

Pressing the “door open’  button can be the solution to your problem. Sometimes a stuck elevator needs troubleshooting and pressing the ‘door open’ button can do this.

If nothing seems to work, you are advised to press the call button used marked by the image of a phone.

This will contact the technician to come to your help. It will also alter the maintenance staff that there is a problem with the elevator.

Another thing you can do is press the alarm button to alert people that someone is stuck in the lift and needs assistance.

If you can’t get any one's attention by doing all the above, then yell for help. You can also bang a shoe or object on the door to get the attention of those outside the lift.