Anita Brown and Davido

American socialite Anita Brown alias Nina the Elite has dropped a new tune dubbed Womanizer- calling out her alleged baby daddy Davido Adeleke aka Davido.

In the song, Nina lectures Davido badly, with a reminder that she will not be silenced by anyone.

She goes on to state that it's time, women stop pretending that they enjoy being belittled, mistreated, used, and abused.


“A video is dropping 12am est! 4 hours 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️ its time for women to stop pretending they are with the patriarchy! stop pretending you enjoy being belittled, mistreated, dumped down, used, and abused! single mothers especially," Nina says. 

Nina further states that men need to take accountability and stop blaming women for their actions.

“People need to take accountability & stop blaming women. Stand up for yourself, speak up for yourself & stop turning against real women who actually stand for something😤 #nowomanizers #nowomanizing #nowomanizing💃💃😆😆 no weak woman allowed,” Nina says in her caption.

Anita Brown's poster

The American socialite came to the limelight after accusing Davido of impregnating her after leaking their private chats. 

In a series of posts, Ms Brown explained that she met Davido back in 2017 while on a vacation in Dubai and their relationship has been on and off.

She claims that she never knew that Davido was a married man, therefore, cautioning Netizens who have been attacking her for being a home wrecker.

“What is killing me is this married man narrative. Please cut it out coz I didn’t know he was married. Go to his page doesn’t he look like he is married?

Rest in Peace to the Child. People knew about the baby but not knew that he got married. I’m in America and nobody here knew. So sorry it's not on the blogs and it's not a big thing and if a man is not telling me he is married the n I don’t know and I was not looking for it,” Anita Brown said in part.

She went on to state that she doesn't want to get married to Davido or ruin his marriage. 

“I was not looking forward to getting married right now. I found out later that I’m actually pregnant so you are all way off. Maybe a fornicator and never an adulterer," the socialite said.

As that is not enough, she went on to leak her private chats with Davido, detailing how their relationship has been going on.

Despite the virality of the pregnancy allegations, Davido is yet to issue a statement addressing the same.