Abel Mutua and family

Actor Abel Mutua has stated that his wife Judy Nyawira is the driving force behind his success.

Mutua stated in an interview with Lynn Ngugi that if it weren't for his wife, he would be a useless person.

Mkurugenzi praised his wife, adding she was essential in molding him into the man he is today.


“Judy is the fuel that propels me to greatness. And it’s not something she has started now, she has been that person since 2008 when we met.

Every situation we have been in has been a reason for me to grind even harder. Thanks to her. I keep on telling her that if it was not for her I would have amounted to nothing,” Mutua said in part.

He went on to admit that his wife has always kept him in check- reminding him that nothing is meant to be easy in life.


“I would have never even sat here for this Interview.  I would be useless without my wife, I would be very useless. Just thinking about it gives me the chills she has made sure that I’m always on course, anytime I feel like it… she is there to remind me that it’s not meant to be easy. She is always like, Are you broke? I will hold you down," Mutua said.

Abel Mutua and his wife Judy Nyawira
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Abel further stated that he is always ready to even die for his wife because of the amazing things she has done in his life.

“I will die for this woman any day because I know where I would have been without her. For sure without her I would have no sense of direction at all. The reason why I was grounded is because I have someone in the house who was cheering for me regardless of what I was doing. As long as she saw the potential she was there to cheer me up and assure me that whatever happens, we are in it 100%,” Mutua stated.

During the Interview, the filmmaker revealed that he could have given up on life if it was not for his wife.

“I would have stopped a long time ago if it was not for her to remind me that remember at the end of the day you have a bigger goal. it’s not just about being on TV but what you want to do with your life. What is your purpose in this life?

"I know for a fact I would have lost hope, indulge in substances because I tried when I was in high school,” he narrated.

Mutua and Judy Nyawira have been together for 15 years after meeting in college and together they have one daughter.

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