Zari Hassan and her Kids
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After her son was photographed smoking shisha next to her in a party, Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan, who resides in South Africa, has come under fire.

Videos from Pinto Ntale's birthday party that were posted online show Zari's second child having an amazing time at a club.

Pinto was present with his family and friends as he celebrated his 20th birthday.


It seems Zari the Boss Lady has allowed her kids to make their own decisions.

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urban_knows I am sure the husband is intimidated by these niggas 🤣🤣🤣. N


foninzala Mimi hata najiuliza wangu atakuwa lini tuvibe....

_nairobi_explict Iko sawa kwani iko nini😂😂😂🔥

kinky_deiko I mean why not have fun. 🤦 It's memories in the end that we've GOT.,💥💯

tanekaj_aun_tea My daughters are 18, I wouldn't say I party with them, however, I take them to the club at the moment to teach them, point out things, like folks being drug, don't trust nobody, the men here are looking for a 1 night stand etc....

betty_wangu.i Wangu akishika ID, yeye automatically amekua designated driver 🙌🏼

i_am_tamasha I party with dad but not in clubs… like family gatherings and stuff.. we be getting lit.

Zari Hassan and her kids

Last year, Zari said watching Pinto turn into a responsible young adult is one of her biggest flex. The same year, she asked women to stop DMing her to link them with her son.

"People keep telling me to hook them up with my son Pinto. Listen, my kids gonna have their own lives. It's not at any one point that I am gonna tell my child this is the girlfriend you need to be with, this is the boyfriend you need to be with," she stated.

"My kids gonna have their lives, they gonna date whoever they want to. I am raising handsome, well-behaved, and humble men," she said.

"I will be your mother-in-law sometimes. A cute nice one, you know.

My son is taking care of himself, he is a handsome, Bcom student who will take over a multi-million business. I feel you. Go find him in the DM and I will be here waiting for the woman he will bring to me."

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