Diamond Platnuzm and Juma Jux
Image: courtesy

Singer Diamond Platnumz and Juma Jux have been subjected to a major setback after their collaboration dubbed Enjoy was pulled down from YouTube.

The Audio to the song has been removed from YouTube due to a copyright strike filed by an upcoming Congolese artiste.

However, the video to the song is still up with the artiste behind the move threatening to file another copyright strike for the video to be pulled down. 


The song had over 10 million views on YouTube and over 1 billion views on TikTok in just weeks. 

If you go to YouTube, the audio of the song is not available and it says that the song was removed after the person who claims to be the original owner of the song complained to YouTube.

The guy goes by the name of Sapologuano Odenumz and is allegedly from the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Speaking to one of the most popular blogs in Tanzania, Odenumz said that it was true that he complained to YouTube because the melodies of his song were found on the Enjoy song.

"Yes, I copyright struck the song because it is the melody of my song I Found Love and it was found on their song Enjoy," he said.

The artist said that later Diamond and Jux also sued him for the company that distributes their music and the fight is still going on.

The artist said that he was very shocked after listening to the song Enjoy and decided to write to Jux to inform him but he did not reply.

"I am waiting for them to laugh at me so that we can end it because they have also used their power and accused me. I am in the Congo.

I made a complaint to YouTube about that song a long time ago when the song was released, but yesterday they told me that they succeeded in locking it down.

In the e-mail I saw a message asking me to meet and finish it, all I want is to be paid because it is work we are fighting and we are still young. It's just talk after talking, I can't say how much I want," he said.