Tanzanian singer Alikiba has likened his rival Diamond Platnumz to an empty barrel when reacting to Diamond's comments that the have no beef and that their online fight is for the sake of pushing their music.

When asked by journalist if he's fighting with Diamond to create buzz for his music, Kiba, who is the CEO of Kings' Music record label said;

"Ukiona mtu anaropoka basi ujue debe tupu likipigwa linatoa kelele." 


Kiba had released a song dubbed 'Mnyama' whose part of the song was said to be a diss to Diamond Platnumz who refers to himself as 'Simba'

"Hakuna mtu hajapenda huo wimbo. Yeye nani? Simba wa picha huyo. Simba wa Instagram," he said

 Diamond had invited Kiba and Hramonize to perform at his Wasafi festival, which Kiba has failed to respond to. Diamond revealed that he and Kiba's brother AbduKiba will be releasing a collabo.


Abdukiba (Alikiba's brother) will collabo with myself in a song."

"I'll be with him in the festival and if his brother, Alikiba will see it fit, he can join us. If he gives us even one show, we shall appreciate."

"Harmonize too. We need to use our brains in this things, lets not put our personal issues in these things."

Harmonize had refused to attend the festival but later announced to fans that he will be sharing the stage with his ex boss.

"Nimeamua Nitakuwepo Mtwara, hakikisha unanunua tickets tukaijaze Nangwanda. Umesha-imagine Kwangrwaru linapigwa live pale after five years."

(I have decided that I'll be performing in Mtwara, make sure you buy the tickets so that we fill Nangwanda. Imagine Kwangwaru will be playing live after five years)