Nurse Judy

Kenyan global trotting medical practitioner, Mom Teyian popularly known as Nurse Judy is recounting her dramatic and eye-opening dating experience after moving to the US.

Judy highlighted how after her split from her hubby and the infamous cheating scandal involving Murugi Munyi and her husband Zach she was done with Kenyan men!

She thought dating an American would be so much better and easier but she was in for a rude shock.


 "I told myself I was never going to date a Kenyan man again. I met another man, a black American (before the basketballer who was exposed online), and he was good-looking. He used to wear designer outfits from head to toe," started off Judy before she went on to detail how well she found out that the old adage, 'all that glitters isn't gold,' was more than just a saying.


She added that upon questioning the man on what he does for a living due to his flashy nature he told her that he was a businessman although some things were not adding up. According to Judy, whenever she called the guy he was always home getting high which caused her to wonder when he gets to work/ manages his business.

"I asked him about his profession, and he told me he was a businessman and had several businesses, including a clothing line, but whenever I called him on FaceTime, he was always in the house smoking bhang. One day, I asked him what time he would go to work, and he was so mad. I was forced to apologize to him," Nurse Judy revealed.

Nurse Judy
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Besides that, the man never took her on a proper date while they were together and whenever they met, they would spend time in a free park. Judy added that sometimes they'd spend their dates in his car, and he never took her to his home.

Judy went on to add the man would show up with different cars, and on their third date, when she asked him if the cars were his, the man got mad again, accusing her of judging him. At this point however, she was fed up and all the sirens in her head were ringing so she decided to do some investigation on the guy and who he really was.

"After I did my research on his background, I was shocked. He was an ex-criminal. I discovered through his phone that the cars he used to drive belonged to his friends. He was homeless and lived with friends," said Judy still reeling with shock from that encounter.

Finishing up she apologized for ever demeaning Kenyan men, changing the tune to note that they were the best.

"Our Kenyan men are the best. The last guy I dated was Kenyan, and he was good, only that I ended up choosing not to work on my marriage, reasons only known to me. Kenyan men to the world," she said as her narration came to an end.

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