Nadia Mukami and her son

Recording and performing artist Nadia Mukami has shared how she multitasks between her demanding celebrity career and raising a toddler.

Sharing on her Instagram page the new mom went on to gush over how she and her house help have devised ways to help her be present and ensure she doesn't miss any milestones whether she is on the road or note.

According to the 26-year-old artist she shares a list with the help monthly on things she wants her to help her son Kai with whether she is around or not.

"Every month, I always share with my nanny the milestones we need to work on. He is saying mum and baba and juice now.

Dear working mums, I know you want to balance work and family! Create a list and download a milestone app, then check all milestones daily. My son never watched TV ever. That's something I am very proud of," wrote the 'Kai Wangu' hit maker.

According to the screenshot she shared of her conversation with her kids nanny, some of the milestones they were working on included helping in potty training, recording Kai saying words like no, yes, and mum during the day, colour differentiation, routine training (which is a full day thing), and other activities such as kicking the ball.

The house help also helps her son learn English words, self feed and learn to hold his own cup.

On her page, Nadia shared a photo of her son wailing over how fast the little one, whom she and her baby daddy Arrow Bwoy welcomed last year in March, has grown.

She went on to share how scared she was of her son growing up and no longer needed her, a move she wasn't ready for.

"I am scared he is growing up and will soon say mummy please knock😩🙄☹️ or even say mummy stop with the chums you are embarrassing me😩 I will cryyyyyy!

I am obsessed!! If I ever judged a mummy’s Boy please Forgive me! I now know better!!" Nadia's post read.

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