Khaligraph Jones
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Khaligraph Jones, an award-winning Kenyan rapper, was obliged to apologize to Tanzanians days after sparking a heated debate.

Papa Jones said to Wasafi FM that his statement "Tanzanian musicians can't be compared to their Kenyan counterparts" was taken out of context.

The OG claimed he was defending his countrymen after being asked about the state of the Kenyan music industry in comparison to Tanzania.

Papa Jones was accused of demeaning the whole Tanzanian music industry with his opinions.


“You know bloggers must always look for the news that will sell so in that aspect there was a conversation that was ongoing and my statement was blown out of context.

"For the, longest time now we cannot dispute the fact that Tanzania music has been superior and even when you come to Kenya, you will find that the top songs on YouTube are from Tanzania. And it’s not a bad thing but sometimes when you are doing interviews one wants to show you that you are not doing okay on the market. So in that context, I have to defend my people,” Papa Jones explained.

He added that;

“'Hata venye mi mwenyewe niliona ile interview imekatwa sikusikia vizuri, because it had put me in a bad situation because it was not supposed to be like that because not everyone will understand. So for that one I apologize, that was not okay, wale walikua wamechukulia vibaya poleni kwa hiyo,".

However, he went on to state that he will not surrender in the ongoing rap battle – that has so far attracted several diss-tracks from Kenya and Tanzania.

“But kwa mambo ya rap battle, wacha tuchane, weka beat tuchane,” Khaligraph Jones insisted.

Just the other day, Khaligraph Jones challenged Tanzanian rappers to a rap battle- dropping a diss track dubbed ‘Bongo Favour’.

The diss-track got several responses from upcoming and established rappers in the Taznains music industry.

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