asks his ex to stay off his business
Kenyan artist Stevo Simple boy asks his ex to stay off his business
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Stevo Simple Boy has told off Tanzanians to keep off the Hip Hop battle as they are still growing.

The rapper maintains he and Khaligraph are the Kings.

In an interview with MUngai Eve, he shared

"Khaligraph and I are the Kings of Hip Hop.

So I am asking people to let their kids come to us because we are the Kings of lyrics.

Tanzanian Hip Hop rappers are still young."

Tanzanians have for the past few weeks been on the necks of Kenyans claiming we have a long way to go musically.

" Kenya we are at a good place.

We have very good rappers but we do not have good exposure.

Tanzanians should relax.

Professor Jay is the only person who can beat me when it comes to rapping.

Rosa Ree is still young, she has nothing on me."

Burton Mwemba alias Mwijaku lectured Kenyans after Khaligraph sparked a fierce war of supremacy, taunting Bongo rappers by claiming to be better than them and inviting them to an emceeing showdown.