Nadia Mukami
Image: courtesy

Award-winning Kenyan singer Nadia Mukami has made it clear that there is no female artiste in the whole of East Africa who is richer than her.

Speaking in a recent interview, Nadia revealed that she has invested heavily in properties and she can confidently say that she is the richest female artiste in East Africa.

“I’m on my own level. In terms of money, I don’t think there is a female artiste who has more money than me in Tanzania.

“Some of us don’t talk, but the land that we have, if we start showing title deeds people will run away. In terms of money," Nadia said.

She continued; “Assets, investments – assets especially I don’t think there is a female artiste in East Africa. I came from Mwihoko and there you can get a lady driving even a passo but they are very rich so I think I grew up seeing that and money don’t make a lot of noise. So in East Africa, I don’t think there is a female artiste who can beat me property-wise,” 

Asked if there is an artiste who is above her when it comes to YouTube views, Nadia;

“In terms of YouTube, views yes because some do buy using bots…they can beat me when it comes to views and followers because of bots,”.

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