Brown Mauzo and Amber Ray

Socialite Faith Makau aka Amber Ray has refuted claims that she once dated Vera Sidika’s baby daddy Brown Mauzo.

In an interview with Oga Obinna,  Ms Ray sought to clarify that their past relationship was pure business as they were never romantically involved.

“One thing that people always think is that me and Brown Mauzo dated. Actually, me and Brown Mauzo never dated. It was pure business and we have never even kissed. He wanted to get the clout, but he did not pay me, I just did it to help him," Amber Ray explained.


Amber revealed that she was also featured in musician Willy Paul’s music video free of charge.

“You can ask him, I even did a video with Otile Brown but the moment people have especially here in Africa, when they see you with someone they assume you are dating. Even you (Obinna) how much business have we done together? Are we dating? ,” Amber said.

In November 2019, Mauzo raised eyebrows after being spotted getting cozy with Amber Ray.


“Every moment creates a memory, the heart loves😘 and my soul has finally chosen you. @iam_amberay . Love you like a fat kid loves Cake @iam_amberay #MrLoverMan #mauzoclassic,” Brown captioned his photos with Amber back in 2029.

Amber Replied: “Thank you for loving me 🥰I love you more honey”.

Amber Ray and Brown Mauzo (File)
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In March Mauzo alleged that he was in a romantic relationship with Amber Ray, something that Amber has now denied.

Fast forward to September 2023, Amber and Mauzo are set to host a show together in Mwea, days after breaking up with Vera Sidika.

Ray and Mauzo will host the night accompanied by DJ Pierra Makena and DJ Lisney.

Vera and Amber have had a long-running quarrel, which erupted when they accused each other of stealing the themes of their gender reveal parties.

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