Nasty C fires back at people fat shaming on the internet

South African rapper Nasty C has responded to social media people calling him fat.

The rapper, in an Instagram post, shared a video saying he had added weight as he is a new dad. 

"I am a new dad, this is my dad's body and I love it and I love myself and I'm happy. I look great. I am a strong black man, a strong father. This doesn't make me insecure at all, in fact, it makes me very confident," he said

This comes just days after he revealed that his younger brother had called him fat.

“My little bro called me fat yesterday. I’m not okay,” wrote Nasty C.

The rapper welcomed his first child, a son; Oliver this year, and described it as surreal when speaking to Times Live.

"I feel like he put so many batteries in my back,” he said.


“Fatherhood has made me take my career a bit more seriously. I've always taken it seriously but I've always put fun in the forefront. I've always been the type of guy to say once this thing stops being fun I'm going to stop doing it. Now it's not like that anymore. I'm trying to make music that will last forever more than ever. I want to leave something behind that he's going to be very proud of.”

He said he was taking care of himself so that he was able to take care of his son.

“I've been taking far better care of myself. Mentally, emotionally, physically. There's a lot of undoing just from the way I was raised so that when he looks at me and absorbs the things I say and do, he takes all the right stuff."

“My father had a lot of stepmothers. Obviously, the dynamics were kind of weird and it can affect the way you look at your father. There's been a lot of resentment. You can hear it in my old music. I sounded like I hated my father. My relationship with him now is something I was very intentional about fixing. You'll hear about it in the album as well. There's forgiveness, but also understanding.”

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