Bahati and Diana angrily react to Pastor Ezekiel over his latest sermon

Pastor Ezekiel had advised men against marrying women named Diana terming them as control freaks

Bahati and Diana Marua
Image: Instagram

Celebrity couple Diana Marua and Bahati through their socials have clapped back at controversial preacher, Pastor Ezekiel for his latest remarks where he advised men to avoid at all costs marrying ladies named Diana.

Bahati sharing a clip of the sermon on his Instagram page called out the preacher for what he termed as misleading the congregation.

In one of his recent sermons, Pastor Ezekiel Odero told his congregation that women named Diana are not suitable for marriage and tend to dominate their partners.

He also maintained that most ladies named Diana were single or divorced due to because of their need for control

Ushawai kuona Diana yeyote kwa ndoa? Hakuna hata mmoja. Ukioa Diana ushi na yeye, yeye ndiye anakucontrol kama robot. Utaishi na Diana, she becomes the husband. Lakini wewe ndio uwe mume, Diana anaenda, hapo nimeongea ukweli”

(Have you ever seen any Diana in a marriage? Not even one. If you marry Diana, you live with her, and she controls you like a robot. You will live with Diana, and she becomes the husband. If you decide to be the husband, Diana then goes. That's the truth)."

He went on to discourage people from naming their children Diana, insinuating that the name carries a negative “spirit" in it.

“Usimpe mtoto wako jina Diana. Sababu akiolewa, utashare na watu. Diana anapendwa bila sababu hata kama hajui. Because the name carried the spirit.”

(Do not name your child Diana, because if she gets married, you will share her with others. Diana is loved without reason, even if she doesn’t know. Because the name carries a spirit.)

Responding to Ezekiel's sermon Bahati pointed out that the preacher was just spreading a false narrative and in his opinion Diana's were the best. The father of 4 highlighted that him and his Diana have been together for 7 beautiful years so he doesn't understand what Ezekiel was saying.

"Is this a TRUE or FALSE Prophet??? 🙆 Somebody tell this Pastor to Stop Misleading the Church. @Diana_Marua and I are Celebrating 7 Golden Years of Marriage This Coming OCTOBER, 20TH. DIANAS ARE THE BEST!!!" The artist's caption read.

Commenting on Bahati's post Diana angrily tore at Ezekiel calling him a liar while reminding people the said preacher was tied to the Shakahola massacre.

"Don’t be Married to Ezekiel’s!!! They will look at you straight in your eyes and LIE! Is this the same Ezekiel that was part of SHAKAHOLA MASSACRE????" Her angry post read.

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