YouTuber Diana Marua

Digital content creator and musician Diana Marua has revealed that she now lets her fiancé Bahati do as he pleases ever since he proposed to her.

According to the mother of 3 she's currently cruising in cloud 9 now that she is someone's fiance set to be wed soon. Diana maintains that she is so happy that she can barely get mad at her man no matter what he does.

 "Kupendwa raha jamani!

Saa hii hata Bahati akifanya kitu na nisikie ni kama nataka kuwa annoyed, I remember that he just put a ring on it a few days ago and I'm like it's cool, it's okay, baby you can do anything you want," Diana revealed in her latest YouTube video.

She went on to call out all her exes listing some of the mean things they had done to her as she bragged about her man, her current lifestyle, and the proposal.

"Wale machali walinimistreat tukidate.... Yule chali alikuja kuniambia sijui kupika ati go and get some cooking lessons. 

Yule chali alinitesa.... Yule chali mwenye siku moja tulikasirikiana akanipeleka akienda job akanidrop mahali, akafungua gari or rather nikafungua gari kushuka and he drove off kama sijashuka gari, nikaanguka hapo chini....see my God!" The content creator bragged.

The mother of 3 finishing up with her message to her ex-lovers and all failed relationships maintained she wasn't bragging, it was more of a thanksgiving because she had been through a lot.

Look at my life. Look at the mansion, look at the cars I'm driving, I'm not flossing or anything. It's God's time, I'm celebrating God, nimessufer huko nyuma," she said.

A week ago, aspiring politician Bahati announced his wedding date to his baby mama Diana Marua. The couple will officiate their union in December 2023.

In a video doing trends online, Bahati is seen proposing to Diana Marua.

The mother of three who is overcome with emotions says Yes to the proposal.

Bahati took to his socials to announce their wedding date which falls on a holiday.

"She said Yes, and I officially announce that 12th December 2023 is our wedding day."


"If You Ever Forget Everything, Never Forget that I Love you ❤️ This is a Special Gift for You My Wife!!!

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