Lang’ata Member of Parliament Jalang’o has weighed in on the brutal murder of socialite Starlet Wahu.


Speaking to Mpasho, Jalas stated that late Wahu’s only mistake was trusting somebody she didn’t know.

“Don’t be around people you don’t know and again don’t even try to trust people you don’t know. Everything takes time. It’s very sad because Starlet’s only problem was trusting a stranger. Trusting somebody you don’t know. Just stay away from people you don’t know. If today you want to hang out please let it be with somebody you know,” MP Jalang’o said.

“That was the saddest death to be reported because of how it was being described. Her (Wahu) struggling to get to the door and trying to open it and she saw herself die. Just because she trusted somebody she didn’t know,” 

The first-time MP went on to state that there is a need to regulate the booming Airbnb business in Kenya – promising to table a bill in parliament that will help regulate the industry.

“I have so many AirBnbs and it's one of my biggest businesses. The one thing we can make sure is sure all Airbnbs are registered. Some people are running Airbnbs that are not registered and they are not even under Airbnb.

So I will personally, take it to Parliament to make sure every Airbnb is registered, we know the owner and you can’t get into the Airbnb business when we don’t know who you are," Jalang'o stated.

Wahu was allegedly killed by a man identified as John Matara.

Her body was discovered on January 4th at a rental apartment in Nairobi's South B area, after the watchman reported seeing the male suspect flee with bloodstained clothes.

The owner of the premises who had let it out to Starlet and the man for a night used a spare key to unlock the house, which had been locked from the outside, only to stumble on the horrifying scene of the deceased's body sprawled on the floor.

Makadara detectives who were alerted rushed to the scene to find the young woman's body soaked in a pool of blood.

Matara was arrested at Mbagathi Hospital together with his friend Anthony Nyongesa and they are being detained at the Industrial Area Police station.

Starlet Wahu and Jalang'o