Killer of Roysambu woman used hacksaw to dismember her body
Image: courtesy

Police have arrested at least three people linked to the gruesome murder of a 20-year-old lady in TRM Drive, Roysambu.

Credible reports indicate that Police arrested the main suspect at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Monday, while trying to flee for Abuja, Nigeria.

At the same time, two other suspects are being detained at Kasarani police station for allegedly aiding the Nigerian man commit the crime.


According to Kasarani OCPD, detectives are still putting together evidence surrounding the shocking murder before they inform the family of the deceased of their full findings.

It has also emerged that the man used a hacksaw in his mission to dismember the body of the woman whose head is still missing.

Police suspect the man was on hire and he may have carried the body to show his masters he had accomplished the mission.


Using CCTV footage, and phone triangulation, the police have placed the suspect in the Ruaka area, Kiambu County where he seems to have been staying for days.

The team visited the area Monday and asked for footage of surveillance cameras on several buildings as part of the probe.

This will enable them to identify the suspect whose image was captured outside the apartment where he murdered the woman.

The woman's(whose identity has not been made public) family visited City Mortuary, Nairobi on Monday and identified her.

However, because key body parts were missing, they were asked to wait for further analysis of the samples collected from the body and close relatives before they made public any information on her.

The motive of the incident remains unknown, police said adding the suspect dismembered the woman’s body severing the limbs, arms, and head from the torso.

He then wrapped the body parts in a bedsheet and paper bag.

There were marks of the hacksaw on the body when police arrived to pick it up at the mortuary.

It also emerged the man had called to book the room using a mobile number registered under a woman’s name.