Police release CCTV footage of suspect behind Roysambu Airbnb murder

Detectives from Kasarani have released CCTV footage unmasking the main suspect behind Roysambu's gruesome murder.

The video in question shows the suspect picking up the key to the said Airbnb from a nearby shop while wearing a cap.

The image of the individual (as seen above) is from a nearby building that houses the Airbnb where the suspect allegedly committed the act before escaping.

The family of the 20-year-old who visited the City Mortuary identified their loved one.

Reports indicate that she had shared with one of her friends her whereabouts.

In the clip captured around 4:20 pm this past weekend, the man is seen confidently walking while talking on the phone outside a shop adjacent to the building where the body parts were found.

He walks straight to the cashier and hands over his phone, then he is given a Key before he hurriedly leaves the shop.

In the video, the man holds on tightly to a bag and wears a white hat and spectacles shielding his face.

He returned after five minutes and handed over the payment to the cashier before leaving.

This was the last time the suspect was captured. He was expected to return the keys on Sunday morning but failed to do so.

The proprietor of the Airbnb property, Risper Muthoni, said she received a call from the caretaker who discovered body parts inside the trash bag.

The remains of the 20-year-old were taken to the City Mortuary.