Sauti Sol lead Vocalists Bien-Aime Barza has expressed displeasure after being served a Sh17,000 bill by the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC).

The Inauma hitmaker used his socials to share his frustrations with the huge electricity bill that he seemed to disagree with.

“KPLC has given me my January bill mid-month and it’s a whooping ksh17k!!!! 🤦🏾‍♂️,” Bien-Aime’s tweet read.

The tweet from the singer prompted mixed reactions from his fans and followers. A section of those who weighed in related to his situation – stating that they had been in such a scenario before.

Others opted to quote lyrics from his song “Kipara bila pesa Kidonda” to remind him that he should not be complaining on social media.

Several users advised him to ditch KPLC and opt for Solar energy as a way of escaping the Kenya Power nightmare.

Bien has now joined the list of celebrities who have been complaining of unexplained KPLC huge bills.

Just the other media personality journalist Anita Nderu was in the same scenario after her exuberant electricity bill of Sh. 383, 847.

Sh384k in electricity bill and it's not an establishment or small company is wild though!

"When I checked the bill this month I was shocked!!! Please note nothing has changed in our consumption all year!

"In fact, on the months that we aren't even home our bill is higher than the months we are," Anita wrote in frustration.

The new mom revealed she had tried contacting KPLC customer services only for them to blame "her high consumption rate" on their fridge!

Finishing up, she pointed out how absurd the House bill was, as their electric car (which has a separate meter) hadn't even consumed a 1/3 of what they had been presented with.

"And somehow our car which has a separate meter that we charge daily has cost us barely anything all year? Please make it make sense!" The last of her post read.

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