Anita Nderu angrily calls out KPLC over Sh. 383k electricity bill

Anita revealed after contacting customer care they'd blamed the bill on blamed it on her fridge, and inflation

Digital content creator Anita Nderu

Digital content creator, brand influencer and media personality Anita Nderu Raftery in an angry Instagram rant has called out KPLC following her exuberant electricity bill of Sh. 383, 847.

Anita shared a screenshot of her calculator app where she had totalled all the money they have paid over the months to carter for their electricity till now and she couldn't hide her shock and displeasure to following the crazy amount.

Sh. 384k in electricity bill and it's not an establishment or small company is wild though!

"This is our electricity bill this year!" Started off the reality TV show host clearly in utter disbelief and shock.

She went on to rant over the almost 400k electricity bill noting that nothing had changed in their household withing the year so she did not understand how they had racked up such a hefty bill.


The influencer went on to add that it was even more crazy considering how much they travel, (for some time this year they were in the states and Anita has been in and out of the country frequently) she did not understand how the bill could amount to such a crazy amount.

Anita Nderu rants over her expensive electricity bill
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"When I checked the bill this month I was shocked!!! Please note nothing has changed in our consumption all year!

In fact the months that we aren't even home our bill is higher than the months we are," Anita wrote in frustration.

The new mom revealed she had tried contacting KPLC customer services only for them to blame "her high consumption rate" on their fridge!

Fridge! Seriously? Guys even if you have a one star fridge I strongly doubt that machine would "siphon" power to that extent.

during their traditional wedding
Barrett with his wife Anita Nderu during their traditional wedding

"@ KPLC customer care please make this make sense? When I enquired you blamed it on our fridge, inflation and the dollar.

This is (insert several shocked face emojis)" her post went on to read.

Finishing up, she pointed how absurd the house bill was, as their electric car (which has a separate meter) hadn't even consumed a 1/3 of what they had been presented with.

"And somehow our car which has a separate meter that we charge daily has cost us barely nothing all year? Please make it make sense!" The last of her post read.

3 weeks ago, the new mom had pointed out the advantages of having an electric car and ones own recharging meter as their EV had cost them only Sh.22k for the entire year!

Imagine your house being over 100 times more costly than your car!

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