Harmonize and Poshy Queen

Tanzanian socialite and businesswoman Poshy Queen has been forced to address claims that she used to date Harmonize’s ex-DJ before dumping him for the singer.

In a statement, Poshy accused DJ Seven (Harmonize’s ex-DJ) of propelling the narrative for clout and attention.

She sought to clarify that she has only worked with DJ Seven on several occasions but they have never been lovers.


“I wasn’t not going to talk about this, but I think at this point for the sake of me and my man’s image, with all sincerity I have never at any point in life dated DJ Seven, who used to be a friend and we have worked together he knows the truth, I'm not that stupid, please respect my man and stop the drama,” Poshy Queen shared.

Just the other day, Seven had accused his former boss of snatching his girlfriend (Poshy Queen) an act that pushed him out of Konde Gang.

But as it stands now, the two have never dated and Poshy Queen is not happy with the narrative doing rounds on social media.


She asked the DJ to respect her current relationship with Harmonize and refrain from fueling the rumours.

Harmonize and Poshy Queen Dating 

A few days ago, Harmonize and Poshy Queen went public with their relationship after weeks of speculations.

On January 15, 2024, the Never-Give-Up hitmaker used his socials to confess his love for

Konde Boy said that he has already given Poshy Queen all his social media passwords and those sliding in his DMs should be careful.

“Loyal man in the world. My love goes with my cellphone, she has my phone password already. In case you’re getting weird reply still got love for you. All," he said.

He added; “We planned to team up before but haikuwezekana. Wish you the best this is my last destination. Onyoo. Hajawahi tembea na yeyote ninae mjua. Respect here as my girl. Popote utakapomuona. Stop Dramas,”.

Posh posted Harmonize's photo with the caption "Adam wangu mimi hapa 🥰".

Poshy Queen is a Tanzania socialite and a businesswoman. She is a mother of one- as she used to date a Nigerian Man but the relationship failed.

Before, hooking up with Poshy Queen, Harmonize used to date Frida Kajala but their relationship ended bitterly.