Gospel singer Mr. Seed

Recording and performing, budding gospel singer Moses Tarus Omondi, popularly known by his stage name, Mr. Seed has urged netizens to learn to give as much energy to good news as they allocate towards negative stories.

Posting on his Instagram stories, the 29-year-old remarked on how following the distasteful remark he made implying that all men are polygamous and a woman living with him for a long time is not a criterion for him to feel victorious, even though he is in a relationship with content creator Nimo Gachuiri his account had reached an engagement of 2 million people.

He stated he knew the interactions were from people looking for more Intel and just snooping.

The artist went on to add that he wished he would be getting such engagements when he posted new music or something more positive.


"Wacheni niwaambie hivyo vile accounts reached yangu imefika 2 million within 24hours hivyo ndio niki drop ngoma mukimbie mukaione

Mr. Seed his wife Nimo and their son Gold at the Black child album launch
Mr. Seed his wife Nimo and their son Gold at the Black child album launch
Image: Moses Mwangi

(Let me tell you, you see the way my account reached 2 million interactions within 24 hours, that is the same way you should rush to go view/listen to it)" started the controversial gospel artist.


The singer went on to fault netizens for only being involved when it comes to gossip noting people were always too hungry when it came to scandals but barely touched the plate when one was being praised or doing something great in their field.


He urged Kenyans to learn to be overall supportive and give the same energy they exuded towards negative stories to positive stories or individuals killing it in the field.

"Na you stream it!" The gospel artist added accompanying it with laughing emojis.


Finishing up, he went on to add that he would soon be dropping a song and he expects much love.


"You guys should start supporting our work vile munasupport scandals pia nyinyi bloggers.

One love .. AM ABOUT TO BLESS YOUR SPEAKERS," the last of his post read.

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