Elsa Majimbo

Kenyan content creator and US-based model Elsa Majimbo claims a man has been stalking her for the past eight months.

In a statement on X Tuesday evening, Elsa said the man whom she described as ‘psycho’ has been following her around in a Mercedes G wagon.

“This man has been stalking, following and harassing me for eight months. And the only thing worse than a psycho is a psycho with money,” she said.

Stalking is considered a misdemeanour in many jurisdictions including the United States.

The offence assumes a pattern of behaviour where the perpetrator is often obsessed with the victim and relentlessly follows them around, sometimes without the intention to even speak to them.

While this may seem harmless and noncriminal, if done repetitively, this behaviour may cause the victim to fear for his or her safety.

According to the US Department of Justice, all 50 US states have enacted laws making stalking a criminal act, although the elements defining the act differ across states.

Elsa said she informed authorities in Beverly Hills where she resides about the unbecoming behaviour but no action was taken.

“The detective said unless he’s on my property or gets physical, it’s hard to prove stalking because it’s a public place. When he quite literally circles the block,” she said.

Users on X urged her to take the matter seriously as stalking poses grave safety risks.

“I have. I even called 911 on him a few times. I saw his car the other day on the street like four times I just started crying. He’s crazy,” she said.

Elsa gained fame and fortune at the height Covid-19 pandemic through short comical skits that resonated with most of her fans.

She ruled out the idea of moving cities to escape her stalker after a user fronted the idea as a possible remedy for her predicament.

“It’s not that simple. Beverly Hills is my home,” she said.

The California Penal Code prohibits stalking in Hollywood where as few as two incidents can be enough to satisfy the element of crime.

Stalking Law in Hollywood which covers Elsa’s area of residence makes it illegal to repeatedly follow someone else willfully or maliciously.

It also prohibits willful and malicious harassment of someone or posing a credible threat against a person with the intent of putting them in reasonable fear of their safety or the safety of their family.

misdemeanour conviction for stalking attracts up to a year in jail and up to $1,000 (about Sh161,500) in fines.