Rapper Nay Wa Mitego

Controversial Tanzanian rapper Emmanuel Elibarick aka Nay Wa Mitegio has refuted reports of dissing Kenya in his latest single dubbed ‘Wapi Huko’.

The viral song has caused a heated debate in the country with many alleging that the rapper was dissing Kenyans and their ‘struggling’ country.

However, in a quick rejoinder on Tuesday, January 30, 2024, Nay sought to clarify that he did not mention a specific country in the song although it resonates with both Kenyans and Tanzanians.


“In my new song #WapiHuko I have not mentioned a country's name but our neighbours in Kenya have decided to claim the song. They have decided that the song is about them 100% and the life they are living right now.

“I have seen many comments from Kenyans from Yesterday to today on my YouTube page and their media houses and influential people from Kenya.

“But I see also my Tanzanian people arguing that the song is about their Country 100% and Kenyans should relax.

“Through this song, we get to answers on these two countries (Kenya and Tanzania) and the type of lifestyle that exists and the leaders that are found in these countries, Nay Wa Mitego said. 

The star went on to challenge both Kenyans And Tanzania to vote on the county his song #WapiHuko describes the best.

Nay wa Mitego is a controversial Tanzanian artiste whose songs have been banned severally by the government.