Charisma, Ben Soul and DJs rock the Gordon's Funfair party at Racecourse

Over the weekend, the 3rd Edition of Gordon’s Funfair dubbed "Uncoupled Edition" went down at the Ngong Racecourse, Nairobi.

Lots of music and gin lovers graced the event which saw the best of Kenyan musical acts and DJs perform back to back for the cheerful crowd which partied until the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Other activities were also present including brick games, skipping ropes, and pool. Among those who performed were Ayrosh, Mutoria, Charisma, Bensoul, as well as the Untamed Band.


A selected number of DJs including Homeboyz Radio's G-Money, DJ CNG & Dream, DJ UV, DJ Redbone, and DJ Grauchi also graced the stage.

The magnetic MC duo, BV Accurate, and the charismatic Amina, served as the lively hosts for the event, engaging consumers throughout the night and contributing to the overall electric atmosphere.

The event had been put together by Kenya Breweries Limited, through its No.1 best-selling International Gin brand Gordon.


The event came to life at the Ngong Racecourse Grounds, where the waterfront grounds were transformed into a haven of good vibes, elite consumer experiences, live music, and games.

DJ Grauchi

Introduced in 2022, The Gordon’s Fun Fair, is a one of it’s kind event designed to bring out inner playfulness and create immersive experiences for consumers. This year's "Uncoupled Edition" took the brand's "Shall We…?" campaign to new heights by providing attendees with experiential zones that fostered connections among like-minded individuals.

On the grounds, attendees were immersed in interactive zones where they had the opportunity to Savor and enjoy Gordon's cocktails.

Additionally, the event brought to life the essence of Gordon's commitment to fostering connections and creating memorable moments for its consumers through playuful zones where consumers got to engaged in an array of activities.

“At Gordon's, we believe in know that life can be heavy and rarely do people take time to connect with friends and just relax. The world can be fast paced and we tend to postpone taking time to relax and unwind. The Fun Fair Uncoupled Edition goes beyond entertainment; it's a testament to our commitment to fostering connections and creating vibrant spaces where people can come together, celebrate, and make

memories. As we witnessed the positive energy and enthusiasm from our attendees, it reaffirms our belief in the importance of bringing people together and enriching the communities we serve. This event is not just about fun; it's about building lasting relationships and making a meaningful difference whilst giving consumers permission to inject levity in their lives albeit momentarily,” Zipporah Ndung’u, Senior Brand Manager, EABL.

The success of the Gordon's Fun Fair "Uncoupled Edition" marks another milestone in Kenya Breweries Limited's dedication to creating unforgettable experiences and whilst celebrating our consumers.