Pastor Ephantus Safari

Pastor Ephantus Safari has opened up about why his marriage to former Papa Shirandula actress Joy Kawira broke after six years.

In an interview with Massawe Japanni, Safari highlighted a few reasons as to why their marriage ended.

“The last time she claimed that you were very violent to her? Massawe kicked started the interview.

Safari weighed in alleging that his ex-wife was just looking for an escape route by branding him an abuser.

“Maybe she was just looking for a point to justify her actions because we lived very well and later she was the one who left without disclosing why," he said. 

He went on to state that the main reason for the failure of their marriage was his now ex-wife's need to continue staying with his mother.

“She really wanted to live with her mother, when I married her she was living with her mother. I took her and we started living together.

"After a while, the mother came and started living with us to which I advised that we rent a separate house for the mother-in-law. But after a while, she again looked for another house and they started staying together again,’.

The music producer went on to allege that he has not seen his kids for close to three years after Kawira cut all communications with him.

“I support her and I even call her but she doesn’t answer even when I send messages. But I sent money because I don’t want my kids to suffer even though I have not seen them for three years,” he added.

He also mentioned that now he has a lawyer and he is going to address the settlement the legal way in the coming days to be able to gain access to his kids.

“I have tried everything and even sent people close to her but all way in vain and so I have decided to go to Court to get permission to see my kids,” he added.

Ephantus and ex-wife Kawira

Ephantus revealed that their paths first crossed in 2013 when he was organizing an event at St Andrew's.

 The two, Kawira and Ephantus wedded in 2014 in a colorful wedding ceremony.

In October 2022, Joy Kawira said that she left her marriage to Safari due to alleged domestic violence.

She was speaking on Radio Jambo.

"In as much as he would want to see the kids, it must be until some things are clarified," she said.

Ephantus was her first love but they failed to 'connect.'

She said she would not be comfortable giving out her children to their father unless there was supervision.

"He can see them but not alone, I don't feel they will be safe alone with their father, like if there are police he can see them," she stated.