You're just a fan! Bien shades people who claim to have 'built' Sauti Sol

Bien maintained no one built them as he asked Kenyans to drop the sense of entitlement they had towards people's careers

Bien Alusa
Sauti Sol's band member Bien Alusa

Grammy award winning singer, songwriter and producer Bien Baraza Alusa has issued a stern warning to entitled fans who feel like he or his Sauti Sol band members owe them anything because "they made them."

The 36-year-old artist started by debunking the notion that anyone made them highlighting that all their glory and success can only be attributed to their hard work and dedication.

"I have an issue with entitlement; nobody owes you anything. Entitlement is the most bs kind of attitude to have in life," started off the 'Too Easy,' hitmaker. 

Bien went on to defend his music band members highlighting that every single feat they have ever achieved is theirs and theirs alone. Emphasizing that no one "created" them and people should learn to build their own.

In his angry rant, he added that Sauti Sol made their career on their own, thus no one can break them noting the general public are just fans. Nothing more, nothing less.


"Everything Sauti Sol has achieved, they've had to work for and have  earned it through hard work.

Sauti Sol
Image: Courtesy

I can't even transfer those blessings to Bensoul he has to build his own, I can only do as much as possible, put him in rooms, hold his hand and what not but everything else is up to him. This entitlement mindset among many Kenyans towards your career is troubling," stated the 'Lifestyle' crooner.

Bien shared that Kenyans had a lot of entitlement when it comes to people's careers and for the life of him he could not understand why.

Finishing up, Alusa added that anyone who felt otherwise and harboured such sentiments was a deeply insecure human being. 


"Most will say, 'We made you,' but the truth is, you didn't create anyone you're simply a fan. You didn't create Beyoncé, and you can't break me. Anyone claiming they made you and can destroy you is deeply insecure. It says more about themselves," Bien said. 

His sentiments have left a bitter taste on netizens mouths with most arguing that if the said entitled fans stopped streaming his music, buying merch and attending concerts he'd be a nobody.

What are your thoughts on this? 

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