Why Nikita Kering super regrets not listening to Bien's advice

When someone warns you about something, just listen - Nikita

Nikita Kering
Image: Instagram

Award-winning Kenyan artist Nikita Kering notes one of the biggest mistakes she has made as an artist is not listening to veteran artist Bien Alusa.

In a video trending online, the 'Ex' crooner could be seen narrating how she ignored Bien's words of wisdom which led to constraints on her musical career which pushed her to take a break.

"When someone warns you about something, just listen. Bien about two years ago, probably he doesn't even remember; he told me, 'Nikita, just stay independent. Trust me, just stay independent. 

Then I got this opportunity that I knew was life-changing. And I had a team. I was like my team is going to go through all these documents and seal it from start to end. But I was told something, you can't put everything in a contract. There is always a loophole," candidly narrated the artist as she walked us down her memory lane.

Nikita refrained from mentioning or giving further details that would help netizens pinpoint the said recording house while also not clarifying if she was still signed to them.

She however did get into details on how the whole ordeal made her life miserable.

"And that's how my year went. Complete depression. Knowing that a decision you made thinking that you're big enough, smart enough to make it.

 We made it, and it was the wrong choice. And things could go wrong, and they could go down, and there is no one else to blame. My mum did everything she could. My manager did everything they could. And then my friends were not there. No one could understand. I was just alone," Kering emotionally added.

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