Comedian Eunice Mammito has broken her silence after a section of Kenyans voiced their concerns over her viral comedy skit on Jowie’s death sentence.

Taking to her socials Mammito said;

“I have witnessed a very rare occurrence something that has not happened since 2002 people from every background uniting together for a reason, to cook me. It gives me hope for the future that one day we shall unite and fight against corruption and other things ailing our country,”.

Adding that; “Am in hot fire now, my soul weeps . I am but a small thin woman with no buttocks and am not as attractive, how dare I joke about a beautiful accused person but your unity how it fills my soul,".

On Wednesday, Mammito’s joke on Jowie’s sentencing elicited mixed reactions among social media users.

A section of Netizens argued that her comedy skit was in bad test while others supported her 100%.

The former Churchill show comedian released a short clip on her socials making fun of Jowie and the sentence he has been given – something that was not received well by a section of social media users.

Here are a few comments on what Kenyans had to say;

massawejapanni Really??? High class insensitivity

silvah_mistarish Sijaiona comment section imejam namna hii

cess_wainaina I went to prison 4 days ago for a med camp ppl are going through it. Mammito no! I luv u but no!!

christycrissawuor No, consider his family especially his mom. How do you think they are feeling?

dylantosh Leo umechoma not funny

gapets Most insensitive joke I have seen in recent times, not funny at all

felixhabibi If it was the other way round would she still create this ? Nooo

mozz_njau Maybe she's Monica's personal friend and happy at the verdict. Remember however harsh the sentence might be, there are people happy about it especially those affected by the murder

abbeymickey_ Personally I got chauffered by a person who has spent 7 years in prison. That man made me realise how prison is actually a living hell. It's not funny. It's sad. It's way too unfriendly and this post isn't funny at all.