TikTok content creator Brian Chira
Image: Instagram

Controversial Kenyan TikToker Brian Chira has reportedly passed away after being involved in a road accident in Kiambu County.

According to Police who spoke to The Star, Chira died as a result of an accident he was involved in, in the Karuri area.

It's reported that his body was collected from the scene on Saturday morning and taken to the City Mortuary at around 3 am.


Police said he was hit by a speeding car but they do not have more details on the same.

According to the Star Journalist, Brian Chira's body is lying at the City Mortuary with injuries on the forehead. 

Police also said the deceased had been to a bar in the Gacharage area and later caused a commotion. He was then forced out.


He later took a motorcycle to his home and alighted before he tried to cross on foot.

A speeding lorry hit him and sped off. It did not stop, witnesses and police said. The matter is under investigation.

The news of his death spread on social media with many mourning him. While others took it as a clout-chasing stunt by the popular Tiktoker because of the actions he took in the past.

Rose to Fame in 2022

Brian Chira shot to fame in 2022 after a video titled “Witness” went viral on social media platforms.

The video showcased his eloquent English accent and engaging personality, capturing the attention of numerous viewers.

This sudden burst of attention encouraged Brian to focus on building his digital presence and connecting with a broader audience.