Brian Chira
Brian Chira Brian Chira

Well-wishers from across the globe have managed to raise over Sh5 million for Brian Chira’s Burial.

Baba Talisha shared a screenshot that shows that the money contributed to cater for all the burial expenses is over Sh5 million within 48 hours.

On Thursday, a section of Netizens proposed that all the money that will be collected from the Fundraiser should go towards building a decent house for Chira’s grandmother.

This was proposed after a TikToker named King Roso offered to foot Chira’s Sh850,000 funeral expenses.

Roso suggested that all the money that will be fundraised through the ongoing fundraising will go towards building Chira’s grandmother a better house.

At the same time, another TikToker has volunteered to fund Brian Chira’s cousin’s school fees after being left stranded. Before his untimely demise, Chira was said to be sponsoring his cousin’s education.

"Now you have gotten a sponsor. You have found someone who will educate you, and he is in the US. He will pay for your education," he said as he warmly embraced the little boy.

Chira's cousin could not help but smile at the fantastic news as he shyly looked down while holding his jacket.

"Work hard until you go to the US," MC Chris encouraged the young boy, who could not stop smiling after the news.

Chira’s grandmother requested her grandson be buried in a graduation gown because he was a very smart student while in school.

Chira was yet to graduate from Kabarak University where he was studying. For his secondary education, the late TikToker went to Nkubu High School and his schoolmates described him as a bright student.

Chira will be buried on Tuesday, 26th March 2024 in Githunguri.

"Chira will be buried in his graduation gown. This was his grandmothers' request. He was a bright student, he got an A-," Baba Talisha informed.