The late Brian Chira
Image: Instagram

The late Kenyan TikTok personality Brian Chira will be laid to rest next Tuesday, March 26.

TikTok personality Baba Talisha spoke on Wednesday morning on behalf of the funeral planning committee, revealing that the former Kabarak University student will be buried at his grandmother's hometown.

The funeral service will first take place in the Kiarie area of Githunguri, where the deceased's grandmother has been living.


"The funeral service will be held where his grandmother has been residing because there's a spacious ground and it will accommodate people well. It's a very nice place," Baba Talisha said.

While outlining the burial plans, Baba Talisha revealed that the late TikTok personality will be buried in a graduation gown.

He said this would be done to honor a special request from Chira's grandmother, who wants her grandson's academic achievement to be recognized.


"It was a special request from the grandmother that Brian should be buried wearing a graduation gown because Brian was a very bright student. He scored an A-. That was a special request from the grandmother," he said.

Baba Talisha said mourners will first gather at the Kenyatta University Mortuary where the deceased's body is being held before proceeding to the burial site.

The body viewing will take place at the mortuary at twelve o'clock in the morning, followed by a brief funeral service before mourners head to the main service in the Githunguri area.

"He will be buried where his grandmother hailed from. Not everyone will reach that place, maybe close family and a few people like priests. The rest will remain on the other side eating, where we will be conducting the burial," he added.

The TikTok personality had informed fans and online followers who wish to attend Chira's funeral to make their own travel arrangements, saying he would provide directions.

Brian Chira was killed in a road accident on Saturday night, March 16, 2024.

Reports of Chira's death spread on social media on Saturday afternoon.

According to the Police, Chira died as a result of an accident he was involved in at the Karuri area.

Police also said the deceased was at a bar in Gacharage and later caused a commotion. He was then forced out.

Later, he took a motorcycle to his home and alighted before attempting to cross the road on foot.

A speeding lorry hit him and drove off. It did not stop, witnesses and police said. The matter is under investigation.