Kwambox and Chitoin the Kiss FM Studios

On today's morning chat, Chito and Kwambox took a walk down memory lane reminiscing about the late Brian Chira.

Chito started the heart-to-heart and shared how the weekend brought us shock saying "It's like one shoka after another shoka and you're like, 'Wueh'." 

"So Brian Chira is dead, "Kwambox stated, adding the news hit her like 'eternal brakes".

She said she didn't believe the news and thought it was "kiki' but it was confirmed, and hearing how it went down "It's such a sad story."


Chito shared how he found out "I was talking to Cyd, Cyd Wambui, she's the one who told me," adding how he didn't believe it and he also thought it was gossip.

Kwambox continued by saying how Brian was on the show last year and had promised to sober up and mend his ways "but I guess life had other plans for him."

Taking a walk down memory lane, they shared previous recordings of Brian when he was on the show.


In the recordings, Chito had asked Brian about his experience in a cell. Chira shared it was the first time and just stared at the walls reading what was written on them. 

Also in the recordings Chira shared how his caregivers took his suspension from school, saying they were disappointed.

Watch some of the clips below: