During the lively evening talk show, Kiss FM's Muchina Malomba voiced his dislike for small talk.

 Muchima noted that he finds deep conversations to be much more stimulating and engaging. 

As the conversation unfolds, he passionately argues his point, drawing on a few examples to support his stance.

 Muchina stands firm in his belief that small talk is a waste of time and that there is so much more to gain from having meaningful, thought-provoking discussions.

Wondering aloud Muchina started the discussion asking, "Am I the only one who hates small talk?

Cyd replying to him asked, "When you say you hate small talk, you like it deep?"

I love deep conversations right, I hate small talk, how are you how are you doing I love your shirt, what!? Muchina shared.

Cyd joined the conversation to share her thoughts about the topic and then posed another question to Muchina, "I think there is a place for small talk if you're strangers, this is the first time we are meeting, are you telling me that on the first time we meet, we should be talking about the cosmos?"

 "No, I'm talking about like now when having a conversation, the conversation is not there, right, as I can clearly tell there is no vibe," Muchina replied.

Cyd feels," There is a place for small talk and there is a place for deep conversations, small talk is reserved for people you don't know like that, deep conversations is when like I feel you."

Muchina shared deep conversations that stimulated his mind, "Si oooh I love your cologne, oooh where did you buy your shoes, come on, stop it! sitaki hiyo maneno."