Sheila Kwambox with Chito Ndlovu.
Image: Instagram

Morning Kiss hosts Chito Ndlovu and Sheila Kwamboka had a fascinating conversation about the difference between a hustle and a grind.

Chito started the dialogue by describing what each is saying,

"Hustle and grind have two different meanings. For example, that smocha guy, that's a hustle.


Let's say you give the smocha guy Sh200k to sell his business, he'll do it immediately...cause you know he's going to take that money.

One example of a grind. You know that salon owner who opens her business everyday and sometimes there are no clients but she's always there, that's a grind," he stated.

"Why are you having this conversation?" Kwambox asked.


"Cause we keep on having these manenos of people misunderstanding.

You know we call ourselves a hustler nation. You know we might have to get a better understanding of what a hustler really is.

There's another definition you gave me that left me...Wueh," Chito said before drifting off.

"Yes, a hustler is also a pimp. Basically, it is an enterprising person who is a go-getter but the slang version of it is someone who employs fraudulent or unscrupulous methods to obtain money," Kwambox quickly explained.

"So that uncle of mine in shagz is also a hustler. That one who is always looking for chumz to pint," Chito joked.

"That one is definitely a hustler," Kwambox quickly responded as they both ; laughed.

Watch the video below: