Radio host Chito and Kwambox shared two new wedding inventions at modern-day weddings during the breakfast show - a flower man and a knife girl explaining what they are,

"So now we have a flower man at weddings," Chito started the conversation. 

 He continued explaining, "So basically his duty is to do what the flower girls do, throw the petals of roses but now he has a twist, he goes giving random babes at the wedding roses of flowers as well."

Chito advised his listeners saying, "We need to normalize making money at weddings, not just funerals as families."

While sharing his thoughts Chito introduced the knife girl into the discussion explaining what a knife girl is.

A knife girl is somebody who dances with the knife from the entrance of the reception all the way to the center, to the matron who is a, you know they have that matron for communication, communication at the wedding? Is supposed to dance with the knife all the way but the idea is, you're supposed to give these chics chums, till she's satisfied with the amount of money she has thats when tutakata keki."

Kwambox asked if it's a traditional African thing, and Chito revealed that the tradition originates from South Africa.

Kwambox argued the reason for her question is that" cakes and weddings are European inventions," and Africans didn't have such.

Chito shared that in their culture, they had an African cake called " Chikanda" which was eaten during celebrations.

" I like the man being a flower girl, I also did see 'shoshos' being flower girls and I absolutely like that, Kwambox shared.

"A wedding is a young affair and most people are spectators if we can add more roles there for other people, I think you'd have more people attending your wedding," she continued.