During the morning conversation, Chito and Kwambox talked about Stephen Otieno Adera alias Stevo Simple Boy's recent fainting incident and pointed out some things to him.

"Is his whole life about babes? Cause even the other babe was saying it was just a whole act, why would he be stressed about an act bruv?" Kwambox questioned.

Chito shared his thoughts on the matter, "But now you see, there is that pressure, you've put yourself out there, and everybody wants to see you."


Chito also questioned "Kwani Stevo your life you guy, your life can't live without Makiki?" mentioning Stevo's trending stories like fainting.

"Honestly, if it's stress he needs to check his mental health," Kwambox pointed out, adding, "First get well soon, number two did you notice when you collapsed nobody came for you? The audience that you were trying to entertain, none of them tried to help you."

Kwambox cheekily stated that he wasn't helped because the audience doesn't know first aid.

She also advised: "Number three Stevo, if you really really having mental health issues, take your time out of the limelight urudi kama uko fiti," adding if it's "kiki" they are waiting for part two and if he's looking for money "enda jambo bet."

Watch the video below: