In the morning show Kwambox and Chito shared their thoughts on Mammito's comedy skit about Joseph Irungu Kuria alias Jowie's death sentence.

Kwambox started the conversation by saying "I have to say this, hiyo ni dark humor, people's emotions were still running high, right but people didn't take it well, huyo dem aliraruliwa jana, it gave me PTSD."

"What did she do wrong according to you?" She asked Chito.

Chito said that when he saw Mammito trending he thought she was getting roasted for her hair- adding that from the video the song she used is catchy as she sampled the song 'Jolene'.

"For me, I don't think Jowie is special compared to all the other convicted murderers," Kwambox shared her view about Mammito's video, saying she has heard many jokes about Onyacha and for "some strange "no one was on Onyancha's side as he was not "a famous murderer" and Jowie "is a celebrity convict."

She continued saying people are sympathizing with Jowie because they are sort of in love with the story.

Chito adds on the matter about people being sympathetic as he's seeing in the comments, people feel "This guy is down, you kicking a man while he's down," and "for me the thing at this, comedy has a license to do things we cannot imagine."

Kwambox in conclusion said, that people still kick politicians while they are down and it is no different from what Mammito did even though it rubbed people the wrong way and she urges her to " keep her head up."