On today's morning show, Chito and Kwambox shared their choices of which wild animals they would like to domesticate.

Chito resolutely chose a wolf, while Kwambox picked a giraffe.

Kwambox started the conversation by sharing how Arabs and Russians domesticate and pet wild animals like lions, bears, and even black panthers.

She compared Kenya to these countries and pointed out that while we domesticate donkeys, in Nigeria, there is a trending video of a man taming a hyena.

From this discussion, the question arose, "If there was an animal you could domesticate, which one would it be?" Kwambox asked.


Chito replied that he would domesticate a wolf because he finds them majestic. He said, "They look like they're just this majestic kwanza their fur."

Chito would get them from Russia, and if he hypothetically had four daughters, he believed that no boys or men would come around his estate.

You think boys and men would be coming around my ka estate?" he said


However, Kwambox warned him of the possibility that the wolves might turn against his daughters.

Chito explained that he loves wolves and finds them fascinating. "I just love how they chill, you know. They just look amazing," he added.

Kwambox, on the other hand, said that she would domesticate a giraffe because they are like her sisters. She loves their height, and she argued that "We ushawai ona giraffe imechill na other animals ati inapiga story? Zii! Up in the sky."

"I get the height thing, mnapatana uko juu nyinyi wote wawili," Chito humoured.

To conclude, Chito asked the listeners, "If you had a chance to domesticate a wild animal, which one would it be, and why?"