During the morning show, Kwambox started the conversation by sharing how Kiptum's death spot is becoming a "memorial site" as people are leaving flowers at the spot which led to the discussion.

Chito adding on the topic said he's seen such an occurrence in "states" where they put crosses on the spot where someone died, questioning if we want the same in the country.

Continuing Chito added, "Number one this guy broke the world record, then we go and build for him a house made of carton boxes, then now, we are just a random place, like we need to name the Eldoret-Nakuru highway should be called the Kelvin Kiptum Highway."

With Kwambox agreeing with Chito she shared how Arwings Kodhek Road is named after him since he got into an accident and died along the road.

Continuing Kwambox and Chito discussed roads named after people like Tom Mboya with Kwambo adding "Tom Mboya died on Moi Avenue."

"There are also estates in Eastlando that are named after someone," Kwambox shared not so sure of the name but there was a politician who was shot there and the estate was named after him.

Concluding Chito insisted that he thinks the whole highway should be named after Kelvin Kiptum arguing " We are honoring a legend."