Radio Africa GCOO Martin Khafafa greeting Mwalimu Rachel
Image: Brian Simiyu

Media personality Mwalimu Rachel has joined the Radio Africa Group. In an announcement made by Group Chief Operating Officer, Martin Khafafa said that acclaimed radio host has accepted a position at the Westlands-based media house.

He told Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi that Mwalimu Rachel was a renowned and very talented broadcaster and that he was happy she had joined.

"We are excited at the opportunity we are going to give her to join  Radio Africa Group which is the home of the country's best radio talent."



"We will give her maximum support and obviously audiences on social are very excited about the prospect of her joining. We look forward to serving our audiences and advertisers with another great acquisition at Radio Africa."

And which station would she be joining? "I will that up to the program controller," he explained.


Why did the media conglomerate choose Mwalimu Rachel? Mr. Khafafa had a detailed answer where he extolled the virtues of both the company and Rachel.

"Obviously, every budding presenter wants to join Radio Africa, and for me it's about giving someone the opportunity as and when we feel there is space for them to thrive. 

I think Radio Africa has provided the greatest online talent from Maina Kageni, Mwalimu King'ang'i . So people realize that Radio Africa is the place to realise their own air potential and talents."

Radio Africa Group currently owns Classic105, Kiss100, Radio Jambo, Homeboyz, Gukena, and East FM.

Mwalimu is a household name and has been working at NRG for 6 years and has built a large and loyal fanbase.

She is also an event emcee, a talent manager, a motivational speaker, a voice-over artist, and an entrepreneur.